<strong>Friends of Restorative Justice</strong>

Friends of Restorative Justice

Bringing Restorative Justice to Washtenaw County

Our Mission: to pursue a balanced and restorative approach to crime and conflict that promotes justice, reparation, and resolution for victims and the community, while also addressing accountability, personal development, and reintegration of the offender into productive community life, with respectful treatment for all involved parties.

Important News and Events

  • Washtenaw County Prosecutor Restorative Justice Policy Is Live

    The Washtenaw County Prosecutor’s Office, in partnership with the Dispute Resolution Center, today announced the creation of a robust, survivor-centered restorative-justice program. Under the program,

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  • 10/14/2021 National Lifer’s Association Rally at the Capitol

    Thursday, 3 pm, 10/14/2021, the National Lifer’s Association and many other criminal justice organizations will hold a rally at the Michigan State Capitol building in

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  • 10/14/2021 Safe and Just Michigan Annual Meeting

    Thursday, 6–8 pm, 10/14/2021, Safe and Just Michigan will hold its annual meeting at the Lansing Radisson Hotel and livestreamed. Registration and reception will begin

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  • 10/7/2021 Citizens for Prison Reform Annual Celebration

    Thursday, 7–8:30 pm, 10/7/2021, Citizens for Prison Reform will host “A Night of Comedy,” celebrating advocacy, online at https://bit.ly/3z3datm. Trudy Williams, the chair of the

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