<strong>Friends of Restorative Justice</strong>

Friends of Restorative Justice

Bringing Restorative Justice to Washtenaw County

Our Mission: to pursue a balanced and restorative approach to crime and conflict that promotes justice, reparation, and resolution for victims and the community, while also addressing accountability, personal development, and reintegration of the offender into productive community life, with respectful treatment for all involved parties.

Vision Statement

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To raise community awareness of restorative justice, particularly Victim-Offender Conferencing (VOC), and strengthen public safety through community building.

To invite community participation in the justice process, with VOC as a new community practice seeking to repair the harm caused by youth crime and restore relationships affected by such crime.

To provide VOC for those directly affected by youth crime: the victim(s), the offender(s), their families, and the representatives of the affected communities.

To develop an array of other restorative justice models to serve different offender groups in the future.