<strong>Friends of Restorative Justice</strong>

Friends of Restorative Justice

Bringing Restorative Justice to Washtenaw County, Michigan

Our Mission: to pursue a balanced and restorative approach to crime and conflict that promotes justice, reparation, and resolution for victims and the community, while also addressing accountability, personal development, and reintegration of the offender into productive community life, with respectful treatment for all involved parties.

Important News and Events

  • 10/26/2021 U.S. Crime Trends in Context: A discussion with John Pfaff

    Thursday, 12:30 pm, 10/26/2021, Josh Hoe of Safe and Just Michigan will host a discussion with noted criminologist John Pfaff about the headlines declaring that

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  • Washtenaw County Prosecutor Restorative Justice Policy Is Live

    The Washtenaw County Prosecutor’s Office, in partnership with the Dispute Resolution Center, today announced the creation of a robust, survivor-centered restorative-justice program. Under the program,

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  • Exhibition on Mass Incarceration at Broad Art Museum, Michigan State University

    a painting titled Painting His Way Home by Martin Vargas

    Culminating Sept. 9th, The MSU Broad Art Museum will have opened six exhibitions dedicated to mass incarceration in the U.S. A celebration of these new exhibitions will

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  • FoRJ Creates Video Series on Restorative Justice

    Friends of Restorative Justice (FoRJ) worked to collect voices and stories from a number of individuals related to restorative justice. We compiled them into a

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